Visit Her Garden this summer

2014, Sat. July 12, 3pm-9pm, Sydenham, Ontario

You are invited to visit Her Garden this summer.

We are located near Frontenac Park.
6262 Bedford Rd.
Sydenham, ON
(613) 376-9825

Join us to celebrate  gardening, organic food, art, nature and music combined.
Paintings hung in natural surroundings, cacti in full bloom, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic,
beans, carrots, watermelons, cantaloupes and raspberries with their glorious presence
will make a show, accompanied by the sounds of humming bees.

I have been working with the theme of Her Garden for over a decade and recently
I completed a booklet with some text and over 40 paintings.
Launching it will be part of the event. In it I included some of the work of grade 4 Toronto students who,
about 10 years ago did an art project inspired by the series of 12 paintings called “Her Garden”.
They were really moved by the poem and the paintings and created some exceptional artwork.
I received beautiful thank you letters that portray how important art in education is.
The teacher, who initiated the project introducing kids age 10-11 to art, plans to attend and I hope you too will join us.